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Casinoheroes (formerly known as Casino Saga), based in Malta and licensed there, was launched in May 2014. It considers its mission to create a unique combination of game elements in social networks, role-playing games and online entertainment in the casino, in order to provide the original betting experience. This may seem like a very interesting concept.
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The combination of different genres of video games and online gambling entertainment is not directly observed, since this is a bit complicated. At first glance, you might think that random gaming machines and role-based skills are diametrically opposed, but it's worth studying the articles written on the use of "slot machine mechanics" and the controversy over the so-called loot in popular video games to understand that in some cases the similarity is understandable. In fairness, it's worth mentioning that a significant portion of video games do not use random elements in the style of a slot machine, and only the most fortunate players find the rarest equipment (weapons or armor) necessary to take over the final bosses. But can this principle work the other way in a casino that gives rewards, performs character choice and receives achievements? For this purpose, Casinoheroes developers have created their own casino with various quests, "bosses" and various characteristics and perks, which are most often associated with RPG.

When you register, you can choose an account of several characters, although unlike regular RPGs, it's purely a cosmetic choice. Your character begins his journey on a beautiful island and moves to different areas when you play. Each rotation of the reels or the distribution of cards draws closer to the point where you can fight the boss. Defeat him, and you can move to the next level or to another area of the island.

There are the following entertainments available: slots, jackpots, roulettes, blackjack, video poker, other table games, and Live Casino. When you play, you get experience points (or XP, as they are called in the casino), which are vital for most role-playing games, as they are accumulated to increase the level and the effectiveness of your characters. Nevertheless, we are somewhat puzzled by the importance they have in Casinoheroes. You do not get additional privileges or opportunities, as obviously it does not make sense for casino games, and you cannot use them for anything. We have not been able to find an explanation yet, and experience seems nothing more than a meaningless number that increases as you play.

When you play at Casinoheroes, you see a progress bar on the screen that shows that you are getting closer to the battle with the boss of the current area. These battles give you the opportunity to accumulate the domestic currency of the casino, the "rubies", and to move to other parts of the island. The casino was originally launched with a tedious three-tier Fortune Wheel-style battle system that quickly annoyed and made the game boring for any player. Fortunately, the casino listened to casino heroes review of these battles and updated the system. Currently, you play in the style of pick-em, where you can choose from a collection of boxes. In the boxes you can find weapons, health glasses, casino heroes free spins or rubies, which can be spent in the casino store. If you collect weapons, you can use it to hit the boss and reduce some of his skills. Anyone who reduces the health of his opponent to zero, wins first. If you win, you will move to the next part of the island and later you can meet with the new boss. But if you lose, you will have to come back and play a little more until you deserve another battle with the same boss. In effect, this is a completely random option, and since you do not have the skills or control of a battle, as in a real video game, it can be frustrating when the same boss is beaten up because of a turned-off random house.

Casino Heroes takes care of the security of its customers’ personal data and the general security of the pastime on the site. It uses the most advanced encryption technology to ensure your privacy. All information is encrypted using SSL encryption algorithms recognized as an international standard. This means that all transmitted data is protected at the same level of security that is present in the banks.

The casino uses a certified Random Number Generator, which provides an honest and fair game.

Casino Heroes is owned by Hero Gaming Limited and has a Maltese license.

The financial system in Casinoheroes is adequate, while the casino supports a small number of methods for deposits and withdrawals. Major credit cards and electronic wallets, as well as bank transfers make up your options. Deposits through everything, except bank transfers, are instant, and withdrawal is from 1 to 3 days depending on the chosen method.

Customer service is available through chat and e-mail, but we must say that support is a bit short, because the team is available not all 24 hours a day (only from 9 to 24 on average European time). This is a problem, because Casinoheroes offers betting services around the world, and players from outside Europe should have the same excellent service that European users receive.

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