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The combination of different genres of video games and online gambling entertainment is not directly observed, since this is a bit complicated. At first glance, you might think that random gaming machines and role-based skills are diametrically opposed, but it’s worth studying the articles written on the use of “slot machine mechanics” and the controversy over the so-called loot in popular video games to understand that in some cases the similarity is understandable. In fairness, it’s worth mentioning that a significant portion of video games do not use random elements in the style of a slot machine, and only the most fortunate players find the rarest equipment (weapons or armor) necessary to take over the final bosses. But can this principle work the other way in a casino that gives rewards, performs character choice and receives achievements? For this purpose, Casinoheroes developers have created their own casino with various quests, “bosses” and various characteristics and perks, which are most often associated with RPG.

When you register, you can choose an account of several characters, although unlike regular RPGs, it’s purely a cosmetic choice. Your character begins his journey on a beautiful island and moves to different areas when you play. Each rotation of the reels or the distribution of cards draws closer to the point where you can fight the boss. Defeat him, and you can move to the next level or to another area of the island.

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